At SMASHER we offer you also Stretching and Mobility in group and private classes as part of our holistic approach to fitness and health. In the classes we use a number of tools to support the practices which you can also purchase at our gym.

SMASHER is the proud Hungarian distributor of Backmitra products which provide relief for back pain whether you are a professional athlete or you live sedentary lifestyle.

Furthermore, in our classes we are also unique in utilizing Headstander which helps in:

  • creating space between vertebrae
  • providing relief from back pain
  • improving lymphatic flow and digestion
  • increasing blood circulation and flow of nutrients to head and neck area

Overall our various sessions will help you on different aspects such as:

  • improving your joint flexibility and range of movement
  • increasing your core strength
  • burning calories
  • reducing your stress levels
  • providing a lasting sense of well-being and calm
  • focusing your mind and raise your level of consciousness

Private classes can be attended from Monday to Saturday in our gym or online. For booking group classes and private sessions please contact us!

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