Our unique system provides incomparable, high quality personal training. We help people ranging from beginners to elite athletes to reach their goals.


Take your game to the next level! A proper conditioning program based on the needs of your sport will increase your performance drastically.


At SMASHER Training we keep classes small to ensure every person has the attention and feels supported and motivated to work at the intensity that is right for him/her.  


We offer rehabilitation session and postnatal training for our clients.

We are a Human Performance GYM. Our system provides high-quality personal training and small group training for ALL levels ranging from elite athletes to beginner fitness enthusiasts.  At our fully equipped facility we use the same methodology that elite athletes follow and apply it for all our members regardless of their physical level or training experience. SMASHER TRAINING breaks conventional gym standards, goes far beyond what either a warehouse “box” or a high end commercial gym can offer. Our system has a new approach to fitness that is both individualized and socially motivating. If you are looking for getting into better shape or being better at your sport, having expert guidance and fun while training SMASHER TRAINING is the answer you have been looking for. Our highly qualified, excellent English speaking team of trainers truly care about providing their athletes and clients with the best possible experience and the best visible results. 

Our proven System has helped elite athletes to be better at their sport, celebrities to reach and keep an aesthetic body and beginner and medium level fitness people who just want to feel and move better.  We empower people to live healthier, fitter, happier lives so that they can enjoy life to the fullest and live to the peak of their potential.

Personal Training

Ask for our Personal Training packages and finally get where you want to be. You can even sign up with your friend/couple for sessions with two.

Group Training

Create your own group with friends or join one of our existing groups.  All of you will receive professional guidance and have fun training together.

Sports Performance

If you play a specific sport and want to perform better ask for our Sports Performance package.

Youth Training

The Junior fitness development program focuses on developing athletic skills that will help young athletes to be better at their sports.


We offer you Stretching and Mobility focused classes with use of Backmitra and Headstander as part of our holistic approach to fitness and health.


Rehabilitation is crucial to recover and return to training safely. We offer rehabilitation sessions and postnatal training for our clients.