At SMASHER Training we keep classes small to ensure every person has the attention and feels supported and motivated to work at the intensity that is right for him/her. All our group classes are in English/Hungarian led by excellent English speaking and even native speaker coaches.  

You can create your own group with friends or family (min 4 – max 8) or join the groups in our schedule.


Athletic conditioning session

Duration: 55-60 min Avg. Calorie Burn: 650-700 calories A normal class includes a dynamic warm-up followed by strength and conditioning intervals designed specifically to improve your overall fitness. The classes are programmed carefully by our head coach following sport theory principles in order to ensure you will get the best results and be injury free. 

If you are one of those who are looking for a challenge and be taken out of your comfort zone in a fun and cool team environment, SMASHER group training – with excellent English speaking trainers – is for you. Our facility is equipped with battling ropes, suspension trainers, plyoboxes, kettlebells, monkey bars and lots of fun and effective fitness equipment 

With all these our coaches will take you on a high energy journey; you and your teammates will experience a real rush, and the best part of it is that you will burn tons of calories, work on your strength and athletic skills while laughing and having plenty of fun. You will find again your inner athletic child.


Mobility and Stretching group session

Classes include a 15 min warm up followed by focusing on a specific body part for the entire hour to ensure injury free stretching and maximum effect. From complete beginners to gymnasts all welcome as in the class progressions are shown. Feel free to come even with an injury, in fact classes are extremely helpful if you have been suffering any. There are 4 topics, in each month those classes rotate:

1st Tuesday of month: Hamstring and thighs – specifically ideal for runners, football, hockey players, gymnasts and of course office workers.  

2nd Tuesday of month: Shoulders-arms-neck – specifically ideal for those sitting long hours or practice a heavy sport on upper body.

3rd Tuesday of month: Hip opening – ideal for all the above   

4th Tuesday of month: Neck-chest- body rotations – specifically ideal in case of postural problems, stress related upper body stiffness, excessive body building,   


In case you want to work something specific with your group or have specific needs, we can listen and prepare something according to the needs of your team.

Group schedule from Febr 2023

  • Monday: 7:00 PM Athletic conditioning
  • Wednesday: 7:00 PM Athletic conditioning

Sign up is required for the chosen classes. Here you can find our easy system: