Upcoming dates: 30 Jan & 6 Febr 2024
Our 2024 SMASHER Workshop series start with 2 workshops on mobility and dynamic stretching
Tue 30 Jan 19:00- 20:15- Focus on LOWER BODY
Tue 6 Febr 19:00- 20:15- Focus on UPPER BODY
These workshops are DESIGNED FOR YOU IF you:
Mobility exercises counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting, alleviating muscle tightness, improving posture, and reducing the risk of back pain, meanwhile boosting energy levels and enhancing overall well-being.
For athletes, incorporating mobility exercises into training regimens improves flexibility, enhances joint stability, and increases the range of motion crucial for sports performance. Athletes who prioritize mobility experience improved agility, reduced injury risk, and faster recovery times.
Whether in the office or on the field, integrating targeted mobility exercises contributes to a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.
From complete beginners to gymnasts – all welcome as in the class progressions are shown. Classes are in English/Hungarian and held by SMASHER Mobility Coach Szandi, national champion pole artist, pre-/rehabilitation and postnatal trainer and yoga therapist.
Both workshops are 75 min.
1 workshop: 5000Ft + entrance to Athletics Center
Both workshops: 9000Ft + entrance to Athletics Center
Spots are reserved after payment is received:
by bank transfer to SMASHER Performance Kft 10404065-50526984-85561006 (please write in comment workshop date)
or by cash paid in the gym in advance.
Amount cannot be refunded but the spot can be transferred to another person.
These workshops are for in person clients, however if additionally a number of participants would express interest to join online, we could potentially organize online broadcasting as well.