SMASHER OPEN GYM is an option for experienced gym goers who want more independence, need individualized training programs based on their goals but have a limited budget.

Are you a highly-motivated person who needs a training program to follow by yourself in an awesome training environment? Our Open Gym option is for you. You’ll receive individualized programming designed for your specific goals and train next to highly motivated people and coaches to ensure motivation and consistent progress.

What You’ll Get:

-Individualized programming tailored to your goals

-Program updates for consistent progress and accountability

-Quick access to coaching as needed

-Access to top-notch equipment

-Positive training environment

Open Gym is also a training option for the highly-experienced athlete. You’ll train on your own pace in a great training environment. At SMASHER our golden rule is to have absolutely no injuries at our training space. Therefore, please be aware that Open Gym is only available for members following the training program designed by SMASHER Coaches to ensure quality. The price of training program is included in the Open Gym options. Please also kindly be aware that our coaches might stop or correct you in case we consider you doing a movement that might cause injury in the short or long term. Don’t take it wrong if this is the case, even top pro athletes come to us for advice and guidance, we all need coaching and can improve regardless of our previous experience.


Quality training is our only goal, therefore we always take care that every single athlete training at our facility has the capacity to train properly without crashing with others or not having access to equipment as it usually happens in big commercial gyms.

Therefore, we work with appointments. You can book your slot in HERE.

Start training with us!