PERSONAL TRAINING - available also online live!

Our unique system provides incomparable, high quality personal training; this system has already helped many people ranging from fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes  and celebrities to reach their goals.

Working one-on-one with our professional staff is definitely the fastest way to reach your personal goals. We will keep you committed and motivated. Our system and coaching methodology (SPEAR System) integrates the basic athletic skills and is used and applied for every level of fitness and based on the goals of our clients. This system has helped our clients to be where they wanted to be.

It doesn’t matter at which level you are, we can help you. We know your that your objectives and the life you wish to have is achievable!

Let us help you to get there! At SMASHER you will receive the personal attention you deserve. All our coaches are excellent English speaking personal trainers.  

Kerekes Vica

Level: Active

Vica is a well-known actress who works mainly in Czech Republic and Hungary. Due to her work she needs to keep herself in good shape, to have the energy and skills some of her roles require and also to look in good shape for the camera.

“During my career I have worked with many trainers in different places, but non of them challenged me enough and kept my motivated as SMASHER coaches.The workouts here are really dynamic and hard, and not boring and repetitive as in other places. I love the fact that the workouts are tailored for my level and lifestyle. The feeling after every workout is the best as I feel tired but with lots of energy for my daily tasks. I can tell that working out here is really a life changing experience.”

 Csaba Tóth

Level: Fit

“A friend recommended SMASHER to me in 2014 and promised that these guys would transform my life with their amazing training programmes. 5 years later, feeling like a different person, much leaner and stronger, I have not looked back once. A large part of my success is credited to the careful planning, dynamic approach, knowledge and passion for training. SMASHER’s “one on one” sessions and the thorough approach they put into all my training programmes is refreshing and inspires me during training. I have worked with some strength and conditioning coaches in the past but I can honestly say that working out here has been by far the best experience. One of the major positives that SMASHER training brings to the table is the motivation and unmatchable positive attitude. I admit that the workouts are far from easy, but the atmosphere created during the sessions is extremely inspiring. SMASHER is a superstar coach!”