Our training is good for any level of fitness, we have helped many people ranging from celebrities and elite athletes until people who just wanted to start an active and healthier life.

Here some testimonials of some of our members.









Kerekes Vica

Level: Active

Vica is a well-known actress who works mainly in Czech Republic and Hungary. Because of her work she needs to keep herself in good shape, in order to have the energy and skills some of her roles require and also to look in good shape for the camera.

During my career I have worked with many trainers in different places, but non of them challenged me enough and kept my motivated as Cisco ( Smasher head coach ), the workouts here are really dynamic and hard , but are not boring and repetitive as in other places. I love the fact that the workouts are tailored for my level, and lifestyle. The feeling after every workout is the best as I feel tired but with lots of energy for my daily tasks.

I can tell that working out here it’s really a life changing experience.




Csaba Tóth

Level: Fit

A friend recommended Smasher to me earlier this year and promised that this guys would transform my life with their amazing training programmes. Eight months later, feeling much leaner and stronger, I have not looked back once. A large part of my success is credit to Cisco careful planning, dynamic approach, knowledge and passion for training. Smasher’s “one on one” sessions and the thorough approach they put into all my training programmes is refreshing and inspires me during training. I have worked with some strength and conditioning coaches in the past but I can honestly say that working with here has been by far the best experience. One of the major positives that Smasher training brings to the table is the motivation and unmatchable positive attitude. I admit that the workouts are far from easy, but the atmosphere created during the sessions is extremely inspiring. Cisco is a superstar coach!

Csilla Rózsa (sports performance)

Level: Pro Csicsi is the best golf player in Hungary, at her young age she has already an amazing golf amateur career. She just turned professional and she plays at the Ladies European Tour. When she is not travelling with the tour she trains at home and come to Smasher to keep her fitness and work in her strength, power, balance and endurance.



Kunle Odunlami (sports performance)

Odunlami is a professional football player, he has been in the Nigerian national team several times, he was part of the team who played the World Cup in Brazil 2014. During a visit to Hungary with his team for an European offseason, Smasher training systems was in charge of the strength and conditioning sessions. Odunlami worked as well individually to improve his endurance and explosive power on the field.

The coach took care of all details and worked carefully in all elements of my conditioning. I loved the power training the most, as I feel this is really helping me now during the competition.


Kunle Odunlami


Lizi (sports performance)

Lizi played amateur Basketball at a good level several years. She came to Smasher because she wanted to improve her stamina level during her weekend matches and also for keeping her general fitness at a good level.

I’ve been playing sports and around gyms many years now, before coming here thought I was fit and that I knew how to train, but once trying the workouts here I was surprised of the level of knowledge and how a good plan can make a workout really challenging, the first time here I realized I wasn’t as fit and strong as I thought before.


Mété Sebők (sports performance)

Mate is a young athlete who play for the junior teams of Ferencvaros, his goal is to play professional football player and apart from training at his club he come to Smasher to develop and improve certain areas of his game such as speed, agility, endurance an power.



Heni (personal)

I haven’t done sports since I was a teenager. I have tried many sports in the past years, but I could not stick with any of them, after some time I quit all of them. I have been continuously working out for 4 months now at Smasher, twice a week, and never missed a workout session.

The training is very effective, my body has shaped dramatically, everyone around me noticed this, and all of my clothes that I couldn’t wear anymore fit me perfectly now. The exercises are very interesting, varied, which is particularly important to me because so far I have given up everything because of the monotony. I can completely turn off the outside world during the training sessions and only focus on the tasks.

My stamina and fitness have improved a lot and the training also has a mentally beneficial effect. My personal trainers, Szandi and Cisco pay a lot of attention to me. During the preparation of my training plan, they keep in mind what I intend to achieve, combined with their professional opinion. In addition they explain everything I wish to know and provide me with nutritional advice as well. They know exactly where I have my strength limit, so far every time I felt that we stopped at the best time, whilst I have a huge feeling of success, because even if with the last drop of my strength, but I was able to fulfil the plan.

Mondays and Wednesdays. On these days I exercise, and these occasions fill me up for the entire week.

Tamas Hajnoczky

The program is created exactly for my needs and level. The trainings are not long and boring, but short with the right intensity for me and really effective, just exactly what I need.

Balázs Sebők

Balàzs Sebők professional hockey player of the Hungarian National Team who plays at the Finnish Elite League (SM-Liiga) ,when he is at home he comes to SMASHER Training Systems to make his offseason and get ready so he can rich his peak performance during the season.